A Timeline Of The Wright Brothers And Their Planes

the Wright brothers

Included in the timeline of the Wright Brothers are the inventions they created and tested. The brothers made many historic flights that were noticed by many people. They have been recorded in the record books for many years. There are also several places that have exhibitions on the brother’s aircraft ventures.

Their achievements set the pace for other things in the world of aviation that followed later on. People became enamored with their inventions and accomplishments in the field of aviation.

Here in this article you will find the timeline for the Wright Brother’s planes:

1898: The Wright St. Clair Bicycle

People probably don’t know much about the bicycles, but the Wright Brothers did make a few bicycles prior to their fame with airplanes. There was a particular bicycle that was called the St. Clair. This bicycle was manufactured in 1898. Back then, bicycles were very affordable. The St. Clair bicycle only cost $42.50.

1898: The Wright Kite

Their first kite, or glider as it was commonly known as, was created using the wing warping control procedure. This glider was actually a biplane kite with a wingspan.

1900: The Wright Glider

This glider made in 1900 was considered the initial aircraft used by the Wright Brothers that had a pilot. Its first flying test was conducted in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. This glider was a combination of the biplane model and wing-warping procedure.

1902: The Wright Glider

This glider was not like their other ones. The wings had more length and they were smaller in width. When this glider was used in a wind tunnel test, it proved to be feasible. On the glider, a rudder of a vertical shape was attached. This rudder helped to improve the control of the glider. The forward elevator stayed on for control purposes and was changed into a different shape.

1903: The Wright Flyer

the Wright flyer in 1903

The 1903 Wright Flyer will forever be famous in aviation history as being the first aircraft in the world to complete a successful flight. In fact, on December 17, 1903, the Wright Flyer conducted four flights from Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. The best one was timed at 59 seconds and scanned about 852 feet.

The Wright Brothers used the biplane model. This model originally came from their kite project. What helped the Wright Flyer be a successful model was that it included a three axis control system. This system involved wing warping.

Wing warping is a procedure used to take control of an aircraft. This procedure was among the Wright Brother’s many inventions. The wings edges would conduct twisting movements by way of pulleys and cables. Wing warping was also used to keep an equal balance for the aircraft.

At that time, since the engine of the aircraft was weighty, the right wing was longer than the left.

Many people will continue to be fascinated with all of the inventions of the Wright Brothers, especially the first flight. This will always be remembered as having a special place in aviation history.